Flexible Application Schedule

Wind speeds have been high the last couple of days and the forecast calls for more windy afternoons.  HAB altered it’s application schedule to not only apply the alum during calm periods, but also to allow sufficient time for the floc to settle before the predicted wind speeds increased.  As a result, we worked into the night to to apply 23,000 gallons of alum over 52 acres in calm waters.  The Cedar Lake application is now over 98% complete!  The current plan is to complete the project by applying the remaining alum during calm periods on Sunday evening and early Monday morning.  Following the completion of the application, we will beginning cleaning up equipment and plan to demobilize off the site sometime on Monday.  Please visit HAB Aquatic Solution’s website at www.habaquatics.com for more information about alum, improving poor lake water quality, a complete list of our services and additional descriptions of past projects!


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