2019 Alum Application Completed! (6/23/19)


Last night HAB completed the second dose of the Cedar Lake alum project and we demobilized our equipment from the work site at the boat launch this morning.  As planned and ahead of schedule, an exact dose of  316,479 gallons of alum was applied to 680-acres.  Between our 2017 & 2019 projects, 42% of the total prescribed alum dose for Cedar has now been applied and the improved water quality is expected continue!

This is the last of our postings for the 2019 application, but check back periodically (or receive automatic notifications by entering your email address below) for more project updates in the future.  Thanks for your interest and following our progress.  Don’t forget to follow HAB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.  Finally, a big thanks to the Cedar Lake community for all of their support and kind words about HAB’s performance.  Much appreciated!

The HAB crew has been busy this spring and Cedar Lake 2019 marks our 90th lake alum application as a company.  Heading home for a bit of rest before our next project in Minneapolis.  Thank you and enjoy Cedar Lake this summer!

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